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Asiatic Organic Farm Sdn. Bhd. is currently the first ever and the only one organic farming company which is cultivating crops in the natural undisturbed forest (Kalabakan Forest). It is 40 minutes from Maliau Basin, a protected forest park or better renowned as "The Lost World of Borneo".
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Why Organic?

  • Our Organic Farming System does not use artificial (synthetic) chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Our Organic Farming System relies on composting, mulching, green manure, intercropping / mixed cropping, and crop rotation, to build soil fertility, soil and water conservation, as well as biological methods to control weeds and pests.

Upcoming Programs

Some Upcoming Elements of Health and Wellness Programs Proposed to be established at Kalabakan Forest.
Core Program:
  • Nature and Ecotourism based concept activities.
  • Health Risk Management and also raw food retreat activities.
  • Education and Teaching on the "Law of Nature".